We are currently experiencing a Clover outage impacting merchants using Clover devices. Clover has identified the cause of the issue and is working actively to solve it. Merchants may experience timeouts and slow processing.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to provide updates as they arise.

Integrated Merchants: If you are unable to use the Sales App on your Clover device, please use manual entry on your POS, or email [email protected] for access to a virtual terminal.

Standalone (Non-Integrated) Merchants: If you are unable to use the Sales App on your Clover device, please email [email protected] for access to a temporary payments gateway.


Thanks to everyone who voted in our first annual Merchant Madness 2017 bracket! We wish all our merchants could have won, but no matter what, we love them all. Here’s a little more information about our winner:

At MIX Poke Bar, they are committed to bringing the highest quality and most sustainable raw fish and produce they can find while still maintaining a reasonable price point. Their ingredients to the bowl are prepared fresh daily and their philosophy extends into all areas of their offerings – from produce to sauces.

Poke – pronounced as “poh-kay”, is the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”.

Poke is a raw fish based dish that originates from the islands of Hawaii and is a staple of Hawaiian cuisine. Their version of Poke shares similar characteristics with the Hawaiian cuisine by including a variety of fresh fish and sauces on top of a bowl of fresh steamed rice. MIX Poke Bar puts a modern spin on the traditional Hawaiian dish while respecting the history and culture of where it came from.

Website: https://www.mixpokebar.com/

Why are Wednesday lunches so important to us?

Our mission is to support and fight for the little gal or guy who believes in the American dream. Each Gravity client has given back to the community in so many ways, so it’s important for us to support them in any way possible. Whether that’s through credit card processing, a working capital loan if something like a fryer goes down, 24/7 customer service when a business needs it most, or even having our meals catered by local Gravity clients, we’ll do anything we can to make sure small businesses succeed.

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