Keep it Separated | Risky Business Ep 05

Mick Grove and Dan Carroll discuss what best practices there are for managing work and personal computer needs.

Keep it Separated: Video

work-731198_960_720Full Transcript:

Mick Grove: Use your work computer only for work. If you are a small business and a QuickBooks machine, don’t browse Facebook on that. Don’t be doing anything but work on that computer because that’s how attackers can get in.

Dan Carroll: What if I’m trying to find some nice soothing music for when I’m giving massages on Spotify?

Mick Grove: That’s not technically work. I’d avoid it. Keep your finance stuff separate if at all possible.

Dan Carroll: So I need multiple computers is what you’re telling me?

Mick Grove: You need one dedicated to work at least.


This post is part of our “Risky Business” series on online security tips for businesses.

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