This week we sat down with Virtual Terminal, a key asset in any merchant’s processing arsenal. Take a look at how Virtual got started, how they benefit merchants, and their surprising dream job. 

Gravity Payments: Welcome to the blog. We’re thrilled to have you.

Virtual Terminal: I’m thrilled to be here.

GP: Excellent. I know our readers are excited to learn more about you, so I’ll just jump in. How did you get your start?

VT: Ha, well, it’s a bit embarrassing, but it was nepotism pure and simple. My uncle worked at Stanford and he got me my first job back in the dial-up internet days. Things just took off from there.

GP: The world runs on connections. 

VT: Indeed. That’s true in more ways than one. 

GP: For our readers who don’t know, tell us what you do. For work, I mean.

VT: Right. Well, I basically let a business owner process a credit card payment online through their computer or phone. All they need is an internet connection. I’m a really good backup solution for a standalone terminal or integrated point-of-sale system. 

GP: It sounds like you’re much more than a backup solution to us.

VT: [Self-deprecating laugh.] Sometimes, yes. 

GP: Can you tell us a bit about how you work?

Vintage cash register.
“I always wanted to be one of those old-fashioned cash registers.”

VT: Constantly. [Smiles.]

GP: That’s why there’s coffee!

VT: Indeed. [Laughing.] Seriously, though, my job is pretty simple. A customer or business owner will log into a web page and use a browser to process a payment. 

GP: You make it sound so easy. But I know there’s more to it than that. For example, what’s the difference between a virtual terminal and a payment gateway?

VT: People are always getting us mixed up! A payment gateway is typically used for e-commerce transactions. Virtual terminals like me are usually used by the business owner. 

GP: Ah, it finally makes sense! Okay, so how about you tell us why business owners love you. 

VT: Well, not as much as I love them (truly, I love my work) but — I do allow business owners to:

  • manually enter transactions — securely 
  • access an account from anywhere
  • perform authorizations
  • integrate with a payment gateway 
  • and lots more.

GP: Okay our time is almost up, but can you tell us what business owners you typically work with?

VT: There are a lot but the most common are the ones who accept payments via mail order or telephone, or those who work from home. Others include: nonprofits, government agencies, churches, schools and universities, membership associations, and more. 

GP: Oh, my. That’s a lot. Two more questions: What did you want to be when you grew up?

VT: [Laughs.] I always wanted to be one of those old-fashioned cash registers. I LOVE the sound they make. Cha-ching!

GP: Any parting words? 

VT: Support your local independent business, of course!

Cash register photo by David Carboni on Unsplash.

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