As e-commerce solutions continue to evolve, organizations that take advantage of this technology will have a competitive advantage over those that don’t. Arguably the most important part of this equation is setting yourself up to accept online payments, and if you’re not already able to process digital payments through credit cards or another online service, this should be the year you start.

The benefits of being able to process online payments are many. For one, it will lead to increased revenue as more and more customers discover just how easy your transaction process is. As online payments become more and more common, customers expect to have this option; in fact, any obstacles that make it difficult to purchase your product or service can end up driving business to your competitors.

Additionally, thanks to the optimized search engine rankings that come from implementing an online payment processor on your website, engagement with your brand will rise significantly. By meeting your customers where they are, you’ll be able to offer them the products or services they need where and when they want them.

Here are the top three reasons you should start accepting online payments in 2018:


Convenience is one of, if not the most, important facet of your overall customer experience. It’s not just about connecting with clients online—which increasingly means optimizing a digital store or website for mobile use—but also providing them with a glitch-free payment process that is fast, secure, and intuitive.

Simply put, if your online buying process isn’t seamless from the consumer’s point of view, it will be a long-term barrier to your business’s success. Clients won’t simply go elsewhere; they’ll be alienated from your brand for good. Conversely, an easy purchasing experience leads to happy, returning customers who can give your organization a PR boost through positive word-of-mouth.

Less Admin Burden

Integrating an online payment processor doesn’t only make life easier for your customer base; your administration staff will also feel less burdened as a result. If you’re still counting on employees to enter data manually into an Excel sheet—or, worse still, using pen and paper— then you’re not properly optimizing your company’s workflow.

A secure, automated online payment system takes an enormous administrative workload off the shoulders of your support staff and gives them an opportunity to focus more on refining your customer experience and better serving members of your community. Think of the process of setting up a registration period for a class or activity; from gathering contact information to formulating receipts to sending payment info to members after the fact, this journey can be a long, arduous one if none of the steps are streamlined using technology

You can also use an online payment system to help aggregate data to better understand customer habits and improve your sales strategy going forward, including building detailed buyer personas and purchase-habit outlines. Getting the right credit card processor on board is also key, as the fees for accepting online payments and the support behind it can vary widely depending on which partner you choose.

Competitive Advantage for the Future

Regardless of your opinion about the growing migration to digital solutions across every industry, there’s no denying that entrenching yourself in the e-commerce movement by offering online payment processing is a necessary move. If global online shopping trends offer any indication, it’s also a necessity that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Online payments are a core functionality that every business and organization needs to succeed with a customer base that is constantly evolving. Having this pillar in place will position your enterprise for increased revenue and brand engagement, not just now but for the next decade or more. You’ll also be taking a big step toward growing and scaling your operation in ways that aren’t possible without moving purchasing and registration processes online.

Further to that, your organization will also be better equipped to implement future technological enhancements that come down the pipeline. Remember: change is inevitable but progressing with the times and remaining on the cutting edge is up to you. Will you choose to move your business forward to meet your customers where they are, or will you stay static and hope that you can still ride the changing tide? The answer should be obvious.

Online payment processing is one of the key factors in creating a memorable purchasing experience for your customers. It not only provides them with unparalleled convenience, but it also helps alleviate some of the administrative burdens your staff deals with regularly. If you feel like you’re struggling to stay afloat in the big pond that is e-commerce, don’t worry: finding your organization’s sea legs will be so much easier after your website has integrated online payments as part of its sales strategy.

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This post was written in partnership with Amilia, a Gravity partner that provides integrated software solutions to small businesses to help them manage administrative tasks and become more efficient. 

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