Here’s a tool that takes the guesswork out of growing your business!

Gravity Payments’ Customer Analytics platform built for small business owners equips you with tools to unlock essential information on how your customers shop. Imagine being able to capitalize on opportunities you never knew existed before. Such opportunities include:

  1. Finding the most profitable (or biggest lull) in your business day. With that information, you can run a promotion to get customers through the doors and get the most out of every hour you’re open
  2. Determining which menu item or product is your best seller. Then run a marketing campaign promoting a hot ticket item to increase revenue
  3. Knowing where else your customer shops to stay ahead of the competition or establish a partnership opportunity with another community business to bring a different clientele through your doors

This demo video shows how easy our Customer Analytics platform is to use and what tools will be most beneficial to growing your business.



Want to get set-up with Customer Analytics or have more questions about the platform? Reach out to our dedicated Support Team at (866) 701-4700 or contact us.

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