Our CEO and Founder, Dan Price, lent some advice about networking to FlipTheMedia awhile back. Networking comes natural to some, but for many it’s daunting. Here are some of Dan’s tips on how listening and giving can get you the most out of networking.

1) Be transparent

Be willing to disagree and express your own views on topics you feel passionate about, in an honest manner.

2) Practice empathy

When engaging with others turn the dial up on what the other person is thinking and saying, while turning it down on your own emotions and needs. Think of ways in which you can help them.

3) Recognize shared interest

When you meet someone who has achieved a lot in some field, avoid suggesting or pretending that you too have something in common with them. Instead, show appreciation for their success and thank them for their contribution. But do share stories with each other about shared interests.

4) Be humble

Don’t hold back from asking someone about something, if you know you can learn from them. Always strive to be a sponge and absorb knowledge from others

5) Let people know how they can be helpful

People are always ready to help you if you can clearly articulate what it is that they can do for you.

6) Give and accept favors

Success alone doesn’t amount to happiness. In getting closer to your goals, what matters is how much you give and put yourself out there to help others. Try doing something for someone everyday while at the same time being appreciative when others do the same for you. As Guy Kawasaki puts it, when someone thanks you for helping them, instead of saying “you’re welcome”, say “Hey! It’s no problem…you would have done the same for me.”

7) Solve problems together

Understand common problems and probe solutions together with people you engage with. So be a problem solver and don’t be afraid of mining people for ideas if you believe they can help you solve issues.

8) Have fun

Just have fun it’s a great way to meet people.

9) Believe in serendipity

Don’t wait to meet people in ‘networking situations’ to ‘network’. You’d be surprised how much control of the world you have if you just started with the people around you, being open and applying all of the above principles. Pressurizing yourself that you need to ‘network’ will lower your chances at being effective.

And lastly,

10) Don’t be a jerk

Really, its just a list of the top ten things to do to be a nice human being and a guide to treating others with respect. So throw away those self help books telling you how to win friends,  climb the professional ladder or become a master of the universe – and just be a sociable engaged individual. That’s the only true secret of success.

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