In early April of this year, our CEO, Dan Price, raised the minimum wage at our credit card processing company, Gravity Payments, to $70,000. His goal was simple: to inspire as many people as he possibly could to assess their own situations and see what they can do to better the lives for those they’re leading. In the weeks that followed, we received millions of messages – overwhelmingly positive with a few criticisms peppered in here and there. Of all the messages that rolled in, one stack of 33 letters from a class of sixth graders at Woodbury Elementary in Irvine, CA, stood out from the rest.

In those letters were words of encouragement and praise for Dan’s inspiring decision including:

“I honestly support your idea. Your kind heart will touch the lives of all your employees.”

“Your inspiring words show me that there are still good people in the world.”

“I know some people might give you criticism, but my class and I look up to you for all the sacrifices you’ve made.”

“You are very impressive and very creative to me. When I own my business I am going to try out what you did.”

“I find what you have done very humble and generous. Most people with that opportunity would have never done the same.”

“You taking your employees into consideration is a passionate thing to do because not a lot of bosses do that.”

“You are a great example to others, and I hope that others will do what you are doing.”

The class was anxiously awaiting a reply letter from Dan, but he had his own surprise in mind. He was so moved and touched by their kindness that he flew down to California to surprise the class and thank them in person.

View the video and read the whole story at nbcNews.

Dan spent the rest of his time chatting with each student, taking pictures, and answering any questions they had. But, he had one more trick up his sleeve. He promised that he’d set aside a $1,000 scholarship for each of them if they wrote him one letter a year!

If you believe in these amazing kids and what we’re doing to help solve the issue of income inequality, please SHARE OUR IDEA with your family, friends, and other contacts. The more people we can reach, the bigger impact this will have!

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