Walking into Gravity on my first day was a whirlwind. It was like walking into a beehive. Everyone was quickly, but efficiently, buzzing around – each movement precise, knowing exactly what to do, where to go, and who they needed to speak with to get the job done. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but there was an excitement and energy in the air; a true buzz around the place. Everyone was on a mission. But why? And who was in charge here?

I came to find out that we all were.

Looking back, it’s funny I noticed this during my first few days, because it’s this exact concept and mentality that we teach our new hires: Everyone is their own CEO at Gravity.

This philosophy is taught explicitly and implicitly at Gravity. It’s shared in trainings we create, feedback we give each other, and it oozes out organically in conversations. The longer you work here, the more ingrained it becomes into your thought process and the overall way you carry yourself.

I’m making this sound more romantic than it is.

The truth is this concept can be difficult to master. Yes, you get better at it with practice, like many other things in life, but sometimes the concept that you truly are your own boss here can be confusing. “I’m new here, but I’m my own CEO, but wait, I have a boss… am I supposed to report to them? How does that work if I’m my own CEO?”

This is some of the feedback we’ve heard from conversations with our team members and through employee surveys. So, when I started to tackle Gravity’s incredibly empowering culture, I knew I had to break this part down to help future new hires grasp this philosophy and run with it even faster.

Fast forward a few months later and I am running a series of focus groups on what it really means to be a CEO here at Gravity.

As someone with an incredible thirst for understanding and a drive for clear expectations, I was loving this phase of uncovering the secret behind being a CEO. While everyone’s stories were a little bit different, common themes started to bubble up – entrepreneurship, responsibility, initiative, self-drive, and a learning mindset. Those five big themes were consistent across the board. And that’s when I knew I had something we could run with.

The first part thing a CEO exhibits at Gravity is an entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs come up with creative solutions when solving problems, they try new things, and take educated risks. They aren’t scared to forge their way to do what they need to do to get the job done. At Gravity, this can range from shaping your role to meet personal developmental aspirations to spearheading company wide initiatives. No matter how big or small the initiative is, the point is to never stop moving. Entrepreneurs relentlessly push forward to new horizons in search of a better way of doing things and Gravity’s CEOs (about 120 of them) are no different.

Rachel is the HR Trainer at Gravity. Want to be part of the team? Check out career opportunities at Gravity.

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