When I was first hired as a recent college graduate, I was overwhelmed by the idea of being the CEO of my own life. I had just gone from almost sixteen years of being told what to do and when to do it to having full autonomy over my life. It made me fearful. I walked into Gravity on my first day not knowing what I was doing, but, my naturally tendency to be self-driven helped me learn quickly.

Soon, that self-drive led me down a road from HR to Support to my current position in Sales. I was able to pivot, take my strengths and passions, and turn it into a career that will benefit the company. That is very empowering, because I’ve never felt limited to stay inside a certain box. Instead, I’m encouraged to break free of the job description and figure out how to go above and beyond.

There were a lot of mentors on this journey who have inspired me to pave my own path. I would see my colleagues like Cary who went from HR to Accounting, Jonathan who went from a Business Analyst to managing our entire Working Capital program, Shawn who went from Support to starting the Product Development department, and Stefan who has basically worked in or started almost every department at Gravity.

I’d ask them, “How did you get from Point A to Point 14? And how can I be part of that?”

It all came down to discovering your passion, finding a need, and then applying it to your day-to-day in a way that will benefit both the independent business owners we serve and Gravity. However, many people see the outcome and accomplishment of all that hard work and movement within the company. But, what they don’t often see is the non-glamorous side of becoming your own CEO. It takes a lot of grinding, hustling, growing up, and difficult conversations.

I’ve had to make plenty of decisions along the way that have sucked, but that’s part of the package. You have to take accountability and responsibility for your decisions – both good and bad. Like calling a customer and delivering bad news. I could delegate that task to someone else because it makes me feel uncomfortable, but that’s not what a leader does. You have to get down into the dirt and face harsh realities sometimes in order to find true growth.

If you want to work here, be ready to be changed. You cannot be so stubborn and rigid in the way you’re working, leaving no room to pivot. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck inside your box. You need to constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you’re not comfortable with that idea, you’ll have a very narrow existence.

Though I’ve come far from my first day, I still don’t fully have this whole “be your own CEO” mentality down, but it’s up to me to figure out how to get there.

Steph is a Sales Support Representative on our Sales Team. Want to work with Steph? Check out her team page and get in touch!

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