As an HR professional, I remember being pretty shocked when I found out Gravity didn’t do company-wide performance reviews. I thought, “This is crazy! How do we know who’s performing well? What are we even basing performance on?” And from an outsider’s perspective, it does seem crazy. But the more I got to know Gravity and the people who work here, the more I understood that everyone here, and I mean everyone here, is driven to improve themselves. They don’t need an annual performance review to tell them their strengths and weaknesses. Everyone here is assessing themselves every single day.

At Gravity, we hire people who are ambitious and want to take the driver’s seat when it comes to their career development. So on top of thinking creatively, being responsible, and taking action, our CEOs have to be self-driven.

The best way to think about this is by taking a bird’s eye view of our company. Imagine you’re looking down at Gravity and you can see all the individual people working in each department. Then one day, you see someone move from Customer Support to Underwriting. It probably doesn’t make sense why that person moved when you’re looking from the outside in.

Customer Support doesn’t vertically transition to Underwriting on a traditional career path. But, if you fly down and take a closer look, you’ll understand the individual’s drive to improve themselves, learn new skills, market themselves better, and generally understand the company more. Put in that perspective, it suddenly makes complete sense!

In other words, when we’re looking for someone who would be a great culture fit at Gravity, and ultimately be a self-driven CEO, we’re looking for someone who is intrinsically motivated.

Now, there is nothing wrong with rewards or bonuses. In fact, rewards are often a fast and easy way to change behavior for a short amount of time. But at Gravity, we find that our most successful employees are the ones whose motivation comes from within and are driven to improve themselves each and everyday. For a CEO, this is imperative. If you can’t drive your own success, no one is going to hold your hand and do it for you.

Rachel is the HR Trainer at Gravity Payments. Want to take the driver’s seat on the road to a successful career at Gravity? Apply now!

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