Not All Browsers Are Created Equally | Risky Business Ep 06

Mick Grove and Dan Carroll discuss which web browser is the most secure and ways in which you can install quick and easy plugins for added security.

Not All Browsers Are Created Equally: Video

Download Google Chrome Here
Download HTTP Everywhere Here
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google_chrome_for_android-_android_5-0_logoFull Transcript:

Mick Grove: The last tip I would give to people is when you are browsing the internet I would recommend you use Google Chrome. It’s updated automatically it has a very good security history, and if you install an ad blocker and a plugin called HTTPS Everywhere from the Electronic Frontier Foundation you will blog the vast majority of web-based attacks. We’ve seen attacks come from advertising networks, so I am not against online advertising, but we’ve seen attackers sign up as a legitimate ad and put malicious code in it and that ad gets served to the user on a legitimate website. That happened to the New York Times and Spotify.


This post is part of our “Risky Business” series on online security tips for businesses.

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