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Integrated Merchants Workaround:

If you are unable to use the Sales App on your Clover device, please use manual entry on your POS, or email [email protected] for access to a virtual terminal.

Standalone (Non-Integrated) Merchants Workaround:

If you are unable to use the Sales App on your Clover device, please email [email protected] for access to a temporary payments gateway.

As a result of this issue call volume has increased; we encourage you to email our teams for workarounds to this outage. We appreciate your patience and will provide more updates as soon as possible.

Millennial Consultant AKA  Director (Seattle, WA)

Do you want to help our team feel special day in and day out? Do you have a pocket full of accolades to give to someone who does something expected of them? If so, this may be the dream job you have been seeking! 

At Gravity, we are a strong team because we are made up of individuals who work hard to fight for the injustices that plague our small business owner clients and do not rest until the last kombucha is drank.  We’re all unique snowflakes who take pride in purposeful work. Our team members focus and commit to provide for our clients and our community because we care deeply for others.  To do that, we need a like minded millennial liaison to listen to our team’s feelings and help them blossom like the butterflies they truly are. 

A typical day as a Millennial Consultant? You tell us! What are you expecting out of this job? But first, take this quiz to see if you’ll be a good culture fit at Gravity.

Key Characteristics:

  • We are looking for someone with the ability to strike up passionate conversations about trendy pop culture topics, world travel, anything artisanal, and wanderlust.
  • Ability to communicate well through text messaging, Snapchat filters, Instagram stories, and fancy hand-lettered cards.
  • Take pride in staying under the 140 character limit and know what the “kids are saying”. If you do know, could you please clue us in on what #TURNT means?
  • Facilitate a decision-making process during team outings based on which “dietary restriction” you have.
  • Top performers have the opportunity to build tolerance and to determine the best way to make designer coffee.
  • Someone who “can even”, not someone who “can’t even”.
  • Experience in spelling normal names in unique ways and using short hand phrases no one understands is a preferred.

Core Responsibilities

  • Work closely with our head of HR to align meaningful work to each of our team members roles.
  • Find ways to advance our team’s careers by challenging and encouraging them to take on responsibilities or tasks that make them uncomfortable.
  • Set up one-on-one personal and professional coaching to mentor employees through roadblocks, career development, or the latest 24-hour news cycle.
  • Dig through feedback and find areas of improvement to the company’s culture.

Gravity Payments is an equal opportunity employer.

Also, we love jokes. That is why this is an April Fool’s Day joke. We are not currently looking for a Millennial Consultant, however we do have many positions open and encourage you to apply at gravitypayments.com/careers. Happy April Fools Day!


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