In-Office Nanny / Baby Wrangler (Seattle, WA)

Are you fearless with a hunter mentality? Are you driven to compete and win with the best? Are you able to roll with the punches and adapt to the situation around you? If so, this may be the dream job you have been seeking! Because of our recent $70K “Baby Boom”, our office is crawling with babies (and parents!). We’re looking for someone where creative follow-the-leadership, passion for playtime, and responsibility is paramount – and their baby wrangling skills are top notch!

Our team members are committed to provide the best support and service possible for our clients and our community because we care deeply for others. To do that to the best of their ability, we need someone to care for our in-office baby community and train the next generation of Gravity team members!

Key Characteristics

  • We are looking for someone with the ability to strike up nonsensical conversations, build trust and upper body strength, and quickly connect hungry and tired with a crabby attitude.
  • Our In-Office Nanny/Baby Wrangler are men and women who can ask great questions, listen well, and “read the room” to respond to the specific needs of each child pre AND post nap, rather than just reciting pre-scripted “ABCs”.
  • We are a strong team because we are made up of individuals who work harder and smarter than the competition, and do not rest until the last child has been fed, burped, and changed.

Core Responsibilities

  • Identify and manage problematic tantrums and curiosities with children through fast-paced decision making and multitasking in the play pen.
  • Facilitate a decision-making process with toddlers at snack time. Will it be applesauce or mashed carrots for lunch?
  • Top performers have the opportunity to build block towers and know exactly what is on Old McDonald’s farm.
  • Experience in child care and using a lasso is highly preferred, but not required.

Gravity Payments is an equal opportunity employer.

Also, we love jokes. That is why this is an April Fool’s Day joke. We are not currently looking for an In-Office Nanny/Baby Wrangler however we do have many positions open and encourage you to apply at Happy April Fools Day!

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