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Free 24/7 Support

Expert, in-house human support is available anytime. We don’t do robots.

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Integrated Gift Cards

Accept gift cards to build your customer base and increase sales.

Working Capital

Access a simple source of short-term funding. It’s not a loan, but an investment in your business.

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Work with a member of our POS team to find a system that best fits your needs.

The Ultimate Guide for Bar & Restaurant Owners

Download the Ultimate Guide for Bar & Restaurant Owners

A guide of tips and tricks from your friends at Gravity Payments to ensure your bar and restaurant is as successful as possible.

Are you paying too much in credit card processing fees?

You probably get bombarded by credit card processors all the time. They promise you the lowest rates possible, but when you switch over, you might end up feeling let down. In 30 seconds, find out if you’re being overcharged by your credit card processor.

First, grab your most recent processing statement. Then enter your total monthly sales and total monthly fees into our calculator on the right.


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Surprised by what you found? Often merchant service companies will hide extra costs in the fine print, not making it very clear what your actual final rates are at the end of the month. That’s pretty frustrating.

At Gravity, our mission is to change the industry by providing transparent rates, no hidden fees, and not confusing you with industry jargon. We’d like to help find a way to lower your effective rate.

Your effective rate is:


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