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Apple Pay is ready for small business owners

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Let Gravity help you accept Apple Pay now!

In 2014, Apple revolutionized the payments by unveiling technology that allows consumers to make payments with their fingerprint from their iPhone. Through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, over 300,000 merchants nationwide already accept Apple Pay payments. Your small business is better prepared to follow along than you may think. Small businesses currently have an advantage over large business owners.

It’s easier for independent businesses to adopt this new technology than it is for large, multi-unit stores. To support our independent business owner customers in this advancement, Gravity Payments is ready and equipped with NFC and EMV-compatible solutions to help get you started whenever you feel the time is right for you.

Gravity / Apple Pay Community Events

We want to thank our community business owners in Honolulu, Boise, Seattle, and all across the country for their support. We had a great time hosting these community events, talking about Apple Pay, emerging payment technology, and ways we can help support your business, with all of you.

Apple Pay & EMV Presentation Video Recap

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