Seamless merchant boarding

Account API lets you board new merchant services accounts into our systems with a RESTful interface and webhook notifications.

Why Account API?

Account API is ideal if you collect business information from merchants via your app or website and want to provide users a seamless signup experience.

Key features

Easy onboarding

Seamless signup for Gravity Payments merchant services accounts.

Purchasing made simple

Order products like terminals and gateways.

Customized pricing

Specify different pricing configurations for account and processing fees.


Provide your users with a simplified payment experience

  • 24/7 user support
  • Securely process payments
  • Remove unnecessary processes

Multiple environments

Get spun up with a sandbox for testing that’s separate from your production endpoint.

RESTful services

Simply POST data to create an account resource.

Webhook Notifications

Status updates are delivered to your app as each account goes from created to deployed.

Easy to get started

After you contact us, a dedicated relationship manager will work directly with you to ensure you have a smooth integration and your users have a seamless payment experience.

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